KAAH Express F. S. Inc

Kaah Express F. S. Inc (“Kaah”) is a Minnesota based corporation with operations in Minnesota, Colorado, Ohio, Virginia, North Dakota, Illinois and Maine. Kaah is also licensed in the states of Nebraska and South Dakota. The Company provides money transmitter service to immigrants living in United States who are wiring funds to their family members living in mainly in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti, but also in other countries.

Like many other international remittance companies, Kaah operates through a multi-level international network of subsidiaries or agents.

Kaah Express F S Inc is at the center, and it has agents in Minnesota and all the other states it is licensed in. The branches and agents are referred to collectively as “Service Offices”. The Service Offices are public offices where employees perform customer intake, collect customer funds and transmission fees (“Fees”), deposit and transmit funds (via wire transfer), and convert customer information into electronic format and forward to the Clearinghouse.

The agents also perform customer intake, collect customer information, funds and transmission fees, make deposits and transmit funds (via wire transfer) to Kaah’s bank, and convert customer information into electronic format in Kaah’s database.

The international clearinghouse, Greenbelt Trading, is located in Dubai, UAE. The Clearinghouse receives and processes funds and customer information and then instructs its delivery agents to locate the customer and disburse the funds appropriately. These are the Delivery Agents, and their job is to ensure that the funds from Kaah’s customers in the U.S. are delivered to family members and other beneficiaries overseas.

The Fees assessed to customers are calculated as a percentage of the amount being transmitted in accordance with the Company’s current fee schedule. Typically, the Fees range from 2% – 5% of the transmitted amount. The majority of Kaah’s customers’ transactions are small, ranging from $50 to $300 and are sent primarily to support their family members and relatives.

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